Website designing is essential for modern and fresh look and feel, to attract more visitors and better use of emerging web standards. Website redesign has also come a long way following modern web standards to present information about a company in a modern way, to address usability and other technical issues to help improve your old and outdated website as a business nowadays must have a proper online presence with substantial design and attractive brand.

It is true that the overall presence and appearance of your website is of prime concern and you only have a short span of time to impress your website visitor. If your website is low on visitors traffic then it is sure that your present website is low on functionality, does not meet modern web technologies and search engine algorithm. To overcome the problems caused due to your outdated and old website, allow Dream Infosoft to redesign your website from top to bottom to improve website performance, inclusion of modern web standards and latest Search Engine algorithm.

Why Website Redesigning may be needed

  • It is old and outdated and does not meet modern web standards
  • It is not responsive and cross-device accessible
  • It does not work on tablets and mobiles
  • Low search engine ranking due to old and outdated code and practices
  • Low visitors traffic due to irrelevancy. your visitor leave the site finding it irrelevant
  • It has become slow and many of its areas does not load in time
  • Your current brand message has outgrown.
  • Your website is difficult on contents updates because of static nature

Dream Infosoft, as a website designing company converts old and outdated website to lightweight php flat file database CMS which is most easy to update contents and easy on creating custom design and template around its code. It is far easier to control the content, files, images and other kind of content using built-in control panel. You have complete control over your website and you yourself can easily change the content, files, images etc. of your new redesigned website. We create highly attractive and user friendly website that would attract more visitors, support your business website in a new way and enhance your brand and online presence. We follow and understand your design needs and use of modern web technologies to breath and bring in a new life into your old and outdated website. Our redesigned websites win customers.

We provide two types of website redesigning :

Complete Redesign :

This type of website redesigning is ideal when you are looking to completely replace your existing website i.e. change from HTML to PHP or change in the whole directory structure with replaces URs and Graphics. Here we also assume your existing website is currently having a poor Search Engine Ranking. In this case, we completely rebuild a website taking only the text of your existing website and we also implement our smart Split Layout Navigation System to your redesigned website together with optimized and enhanced graphics and photographs.

Website Redesign without changing the directory structure, page extension and meta keywords and description :

This type of website redesigning is ideal when you only want to replace the old look of your existing website without changing the page extension , directory structure and meta keywords and meta description. Here we may assume that your existing website is enjoying a good search engine ranking. In this case, we redesign your existing website with table free structure, new graphics and images and a completely new Cascading Style Sheet and also implement Split Layout Navigation System without touching the inner content and head elements of your existing website.

Website Redesign services : why and when ?

The Point to notice : Website Redesigning can be more difficult task than creating a new website. Website Redesigning needs a focused and polished approach to alter the content, layout, graphics and search engine optimization of an existing website. Website Redesigning can vastly improve your online business presence and boost your profits. We take website redesigning as a challenge and try to turn every corner to fill a new life in your existing website by combining the work of multiple industry standard software and focused use of CSS3, HTML5 and PHP. Any website redesigned using honest efforts and right approach can quickly skyrocket the value of your online presence.

When ?

The life never stand still and so is Internet. New trends and technologies offer a compelling reason to re-think and re-analyze the value of your online presence, and after the moment when you realize the importance and advantages of new trends and technologies, then it is time for you to go for something new and abandon what is getting old and useless. If you are not happy about the performance of your existing website and also feel that your existing website looks old fashioned and not delivering you what you wanted to gain, then you must go for our website redesigning services because you deserve a top quality website with Split Layout Navigation System, optimized and enhanced graphics work, better search engine optimization and the divine power of php.