Website Designing India

Website Designing India :

Website Designing is an integral part while forming a solid web presence and going through months of research related to website designers, web developers, logo designers, web hosting, online marketing, search engine optimization SEO services providers, link builders, content writers etc. Dream Infosoft provides all web development related services under one brand so that you do not have to jump through various web designing provider companies.

We are here to develop any kind of website as per your requirements be it small or large. We can develop from simple flat file database driven SEO friendly website with admin panel to large and complex database driven websites to custom design websites and help establish online forums, shopping stores, wordpress CMS, Joomla etc. All websites designed by us incorporate easy to use content management system.

We have been building custom websites under our established brand Dream Infosoft since 2005 and thus we have a solid understanding of entire web development process. We design PC, Laptop, Tablets, Mobile friendly websites with responsive cross device accessible layout structure to help you stand out of and above the crowd because your website is the most important part of your business or any other services that you intend to provide online. Having a properly designed website which can adapt automatically according to various screen sizes across multiple devices is a sheer joy to behold as you can easily forward the link URL of your website all devices i.e. PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile with complete peace of mind.

Dream Infosoft provides website development services to those clients who are looking for a high quality website or online web presence at affordable price. Latest modern trends as well as web technologies are used while developing high quality modern generation responsive websites which can run across multiple devices ranging from Desktop computers to Laptops to Tablets to Mobile Phones. We use modern layout structure using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascripts which can automatically adapt to various screen sizes and thus provides ultimate user experience to viewers. We ensure minimal use of CSS and Javascripts resulting in smaller sized web pages which can be rendered quickly and we follows Google Page Speed guidlines to provide seamless browsing experience.

Harmonica Code

We develop websites using our specially crafted Harmonica Code which automatically adapts to various browers thereby providing exactly same layout and functionality across multiple browsers resulting in rich user experience. Our Harmonica Code automatically detects user browser and outputs web page accordingly. We combine HTML, CSS, Javascripts, PHP, MySql etc. in such a way that user gets the same browsing experience whenever the website is accessed in various browsers. The best part of Harmonica Code is that it is highly Search Engine Optimized thereby making it easy to get the website displayed in top Search Results. Our websites are developed in such a way that even the Dynamic Web Pages having PHP and MySql code inside are served with .html extension making it easy for Search Engines to quickly index web pages be it Google, Bing or Yahoo etc. Given below are the main highlights of our Harmonica Code.

  • Search Engine Optimized Code
  • Browser Independent Layout
  • Automatic detection of browser and output
  • Top Google Page Speed
  • Minimal use of CSS and Javascripts for small sized web pages
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile friendly layout
  • Automatic adjustment of website layout across multiple devices