Dynamic Website Development

Dynamic Website Development (PHP & MySql)

Static and Dynamic websites in development differ by a huge margin from each other. Static website is a simple interactive presentatin containing text, images and other multimedia content of your business or services whereas a Dynamic website, due to its development nature, can interact with visitors, collect data, store and retreive data from database and thus can impact the business positively.

A Dynamic Website is needed for databae integration, e-commerce business, membership website, knowledge base, a website offering resume or jobs related services and online shopping etc. Dynamic websites also allow users to change their private area content and change various preferences regarding display of information or content.

Dynamic Website Types:

  • Dynamic Database driven Website
  • Dynamic e-Commerce Website
  • Dynamic e-Business Website
  • Dynamic Knowledge Base Website
  • Dynamic Jobs (User Management)
  • Dynamic Resume (User Management)
  • Dynamic Membership sites
  • Dynamic Intranet
  • Dynamic Extranet

In a static website, web pages send exactly the same response each time a page is requested on server whereas in a Dynamic website, pages are customised from database interaction ad merging of template before displaying their content to visitors. Dynamic websites are beneficial over static websites. Dynamic websites can be styled by creating various templates as per the liking of website owner.

Dynamic PHP Website or website developed in php programming language brings a plethora of functionality with it. PHP is a language with no boundaries and limits and can deliver anything in a smooth and powerful way. We develop high performance php website with our unique Split Layout Navigation System to providing complete control over the navigation structure. We provide MySql database integration to add more functionality to your php website i.e. Online Discussion Forum, Guest Book, Content Management System, Blog or Web Log, Shoping Cart etc. PHP Website is ideal if the content of your website is not of fixed nature. This is also known as Dynamic Website where the contents of the website keep changing from time to time depending upon the kind of services you are running in that particular php website. We know one thing very clear : when you opt for a website made in php, your idea about running your business online is big and your expectations are high. And that is why we burn extra midnight oil to provide what you wish and even surpass your expectations because we believe in quality service and we also understand the value of your precious time.