Website Designing is an integral part while forming a solid web presence and going through months of research related to website designers, web developers, logo designers, web hosting, online marketing, search engine optimization SEO services providers, link builders, content writers etc. Dream Infosoft provides all web development related services under one brand so that you do not have to jump through various web designing provider companies.

We are here to develop any kind of website as per your requirements be it small or large. We can develop from simple flat file database driven SEO friendly website with admin panel to large and complex database driven websites to custom design websites and help establish online forums, shopping stores, wordpress CMS, Joomla etc. All websites designed by us incorporate easy to use content management system.

We have been building custom websites under our established brand Dream Infosoft since 2005 and thus we have a solid understanding of entire web development process. We design PC, Laptop, Tablets, Mobile friendly websites with responsive cross device accessible layout structure to help you stand out of and above the crowd because your website is the most important part of your business or any other services that you intend to provide online. Having a properly designed website which can adapt automatically according to various screen sizes across multiple devices is a sheer joy to behold as you can easily forward the link URL of your website all devices i.e. PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile with complete peace of mind.

Dream Infosoft provides website development services to those clients who are looking for a high quality website or online web presence at affordable price. Latest modern trends as well as web technologies are used while developing high quality modern generation responsive websites which can run across multiple devices ranging from Desktop computers to Laptops to Tablets to Mobile Phones. We use modern layout structure using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascripts which can automatically adapt to various screen sizes and thus provides ultimate user experience to viewers. We ensure minimal use of CSS and Javascripts resulting in smaller sized web pages which can be rendered quickly and we follows Google Page Speed guidelines to provide seamless browsing experience.

Responsive Website Designing

RWD - Responsive Website Designing is an approach where a website is designed using a fluid grid based layout which can automatically adapt according to various screen sizes across multiple devices making a website fully accessible on a variety of devices. Responsive Web Design is quickly gaining popularity because of presence of various screen sizes spanning across multiple user devices which can be used to access internet and world wide web. Responsive websites are displayed correctly across various browsers, screen sizes and multiple devices using fluid grid layout, flexible images, media queries etc.

Modern Responsive website development tools and techniques are good for developing responsive websites which can be displayed correctly across various web browsers but modern techniques are useless in old browsers and thus can cause huge web pages rendering problems. Modern HTML5, CSS3 and Media Queries techniques do not work in some old browsers which are still in use. However these limitations can be overcome with smart use of programming language and other solutions.

Mobile Internet Traffic has now crossed half of total internet traffic. Google has also decided to boost website ranking which are responsive and contains adaptable cross device layout. It is clear that websites which are not responsive falls under the category of non mobile friendly websites and thus are subject to get lower Search Engine ranking.

BootStrap Website Designing

For building Responsive Mobile First Websites, Bootstrap is a popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework. Any kind of responsive website can be designed using BootStrap Framework. The framework incorporates responsive CSS framework and HTML templates for designing and stylizing websites with buttons, tables, navigation, carousels with images, and other elements that you can use on your web page. BootStrap framework also includes a handful of optional Javascript plug-ins to enhance the overall functionality of the framework.

We here at DreamInfosoft can design and develop responsive mobile first websites using BootStrap and can create custom website templates using BootStrap framework to be used in web application. Because of good understanding of entire BootStrap framework, we can come up with exciting website design entirely based on BootStrap framework

Mobile First Website Designing

Mobile first website designing is a strategic website layout designing where whole layout of the website adapts and aligns itself as per mobile screen when viewed in mobile devices. The Mobile first website designing is mainly based on grid and blocks where the entire grid breaks into a single row and column aligning all contained blocks inside single row and column

Harmonica Code

We develop websites using our specially crafted Harmonica Code which automatically adapts to various browers thereby providing exactly same layout and functionality across multiple browsers resulting in rich user experience. Our Harmonica Code automatically detects user browser and outputs web page accordingly. We combine HTML, CSS, Javascripts, PHP, MySql etc. in such a way that user gets the same browsing experience whenever the website is accessed in various browsers. The best part of Harmonica Code is that it is highly Search Engine Optimized thereby making it easy to get the website displayed in top Search Results. Our websites are developed in such a way that even the Dynamic Web Pages having PHP and MySql code inside are served with .html extension making it easy for Search Engines to quickly index web pages be it Google, Bing or Yahoo etc. Given below are the main highlights of our Harmonica Code.

  • Search Engine Optimized Code
  • Browser Independent Layout
  • Automatic detection of browser and output
  • Top Google Page Speed
  • Minimal use of CSS and Javascripts for small sized web pages
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile friendly layout
  • Automatic adjustment of website layout across multiple devices

Types of Website :

Website designing is not the same as it was a few years ago. The whole world has experienced a revolutionary change in website designing in recent years. In recent time, web applications or dynamic websites are replacing static websites made in simple html. Typically there are two types of websites.

Static HTML Website :

This kind of website is a simple website made using HTML containing text, images and other multimedia content. This kind of website is ideal when you have a small budget or when you are only looking to publish your business information online or if the content of your website is of fixed nature. Any website made in simple HTML can hold photographs, web forms, feedback forms, flash, java scripts etc.

Web Application ( also called Dynamic Website ) :

Web Applications are order of today. Dynamic Website provides functionality above and beyond the scope of simple HTML. If the content of your website is subject to change frequently, then you must go for a Dynamic Website. In a dynamic website, you can ask to include, Shoping Carts, Discussion Board/Forum, Web Portal with User Management and Admin Control, store and edit information any time using SQL database etc. The scope of a Dynamic Website is simply endless. You can run your entire business online and sell your services without even being there all the time.

How we categorise Website Designing :

When you ask someone for a website, he starts working on the "Front End" of the website. After some days, your website is ready. So is it enough ? No, it is not enough because if you don't examine and make sure the proper "Back End" of the website, your website will never run properly and you will be biting your nails lately. To overcome all the difficulties we have come up with the term i.e. the "Front End" and "Back End" of the website.

Front End :

We define Front End as the making of the visual part of a website with web designing and graphics editing tools. In this process, we design the visual part of a website by combining multiple industry standard software i.e. Adobe Creative Suite CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5 etc. and layout with complex and clean CSS to provide a consistent look and feel to all the pages of a website.

Back End :

We define Back End as the hosting of your website on a Server. It is one of the main reason behind the speed and consistency of a website. A poor Server can never deliver optimum performance and your website runs much slower. Also there are some other things that should be take care of - for example : if you want to optimize your content management system, phpbb discussion forum or parse php in normal .html pages, then you must go for a Linux Web Server where a webmaster can harness the power of apache and .htaccess file.

Front End + Back End :

Front End and Back End go hand in hand. If one is not properly done, the second will not be able to produce optimal results. If you are running an old fashioned and non dynamic website on a top class web server and paying huge amount of money for web hosting services, then believe us, you are wasting your money and time. And if you are running a top class dynamic website on a poor quality web server without getting the use of apache and .htaccess power, then again you are wasting your time and money.

The final decision is always in customer hands. But you should clear your mind about the proper Front End and Back End of your website because this is the only way leading to a super fast and top quality web experience with complete peace of mind.