Top Web Browsers 2018

In the modern Internet Age, a browser has become the primary software to be used in an operating system whether it is on  PC, Tablet or Mobile. An array of choice exists in the form of different web browsers suited to different needs and users. Generally we develop a bond with a particular type of web browser and use it for a long time but we can vastly improve our web experience by additionally using different web browsers.

Here is a list of top browsers as per our years of experience with operating system and browsers

1. Mozilla Firefox

In its latest incarnation, Firefox Quantum v.57 onward, Mozilla Firefox has certainly regained its top position amongst web browsers. The new Mozilla Firefox is lightening fast, light on system resources and have tight security tools built in. Known for its support for modern web standards and extensions, the new Firefox Quantum uses far less memory even with a huge number of open Tabs. An all new and highly polished Firefox Quantum UI is even better than Google Chrome on usability front.

Download Link: Download Mozilla Firefox

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome loads web pages at a good speed and has a repository of useful extensions. Because of Google Chrome being cross platform, stable, having a highly usable minimal UI its user base is increasing at a steady pace. Google Chrome currently has the highest number of users than any other browsers in market. You can easily customize this browser as per your liking using useful extensions.

On downside, Google Chrome requires a hefty amount of system resources and may not perform well on machines having lower specifications and systems having limited RAM making it one of the heaviest browsers around.

If you have a system having lower specifications and limited RAM i.e. up to 4GB, it is better to use the 32-Bit version of Google Chrome for a steady browsing experience.

Download Link: Download Google Chrome

3. Opera

Opera runs quite well even with slow internet speed, has an excellent Turbo Mode, integrated Add Blocker, fewer plugins altogether making it an excellent additional browser to be used alongside your primary browser. The key strength of Opera browser is built in Turbo Mode which compresses web traffic making use of opera servers thereby providing a huge boost to browsing speed in case your internet connection is running in low cycles. Integrated Ad-Blocker is highly useful and can be switched off from browser settings. The browser also comes with battery saving mode.

Download Link: Download Opera Browser

4. Microsoft Edge

Available only on Microsoft Windows 10 and integrated deep into Windows 10's core, Microsoft Edge is another great web browser to be used on daily basis. It runs quite well in Tablet mode and works with Cortana. Microsoft Edge is quite a joy to use providing super fast browsing experience and its reading mode is handy for long web pages having complex layout. It can be run in sandbox environment away from the rest of operating system and is super tough on security front. Microsoft is indeed going on right track with Microsoft Edge browser but it will take time to make it the 'obvious' choice out of the realm of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Download Link: Get Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Browser

5. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Though not as expandable as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Internet Explorer is easy on system resources and runs quite fast and can serve as a great additional web browser to be used alongside your primary web browser. In its current avatar i.e. Internet Explorer 11, the browser boasts off very clean UI. It is highly compatible to modern web standards and requires far less system resources than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and it tops on WebKit's Sunspider benchmark.

Internet Explorer is not friendly for a customized browsing experience. However as per our experience, it serves quite well as additional web browser to be used for a number of tasks on daily basis. It loads super fast and is already up and ready to serve website content by the time other web browsers even stand up to get ready.

Download Link: Download Microsoft Internet Explorer

6. Vivaldi

Having highly customizable Frontend UI, Vivaldi browser's user interface can quickly be customized with tab stacking and docking and websites can be viewed through various filters even in gray-scale mode. Websites can be docked on side panel to be accessed later while continuing your browsing is one super handy feature. Vivaldi loads web pages at a good speed and provides option to quickly capture a screenshot of web page located on the status bar and even present option to quickly disable images and animations on web page on one click through status bar.

Vivaldi clearly manages to succeed in its own philosophy and does offer a highly customizable user interface. Built upon Chromium core, Vivaldi can easily make use of Google Extensions from Google Chrome Extension Repository 

Download Link: Download Vivaldi Web Browser


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